Most Instagram Worthy Places in Tokyo

The entirety of Tokyo is so mind blowingly well thought out. The attention to detail in every aspect is amazing, so it goes without saying that there are quite a few can’t be missed photo ops in this city. So if you’re seeking the most Instagram worthy places in Tokyo, keep reading:

Tokyo Plaza Omotesande

The kaleidoscope entryway definitely makes for one of the most Instagram worthy places in Tokyo. You’ll get a very interesting photo if you stand on the top of the stairs. Guaranteed that no picture will look the same, as the people below are constantly moving and creating a new “effect.”

Hie Shrine

You don’t have to travel to Kyoto to find the real life version of the red Asian arch emoji – there’s one right in Tokyo. Leading up to the Shrine is a staircase lined the entire way with red arches, these make for dope shots as well.

TeamLAB Borderless Exhibit

I honestly can’t say enough of this place! Seriously, visit if you have the chance! I can’t even describe, it’s just amazing. It’s a digital art exhibit, where all of the works are interactive, and you can really put yourself into it. I recommend coming early because it gets quite crowded in the afternoons, there was a very long line when we were exiting. Be sure to purchase your tickets online beforehand (they’re about $30USD, and you just scan your barcode from your phone to enter.)

Sensoji Temple

This is probably the most popular temple in Tokyo, and for good reason. Every Asian temple I’ve seen is beautifully decorated with amazing attention to detail – this one is no exception. Sensoji has a huge market of vendors selling clothing and food items leading up to the temple. Here you can get your fortune and the smoke well is believed to cure ailments when you wave the smoke in the direction of the pain.

Tokyo Tower

Japan’s own little Eiffel Tower. Visit at night to see it all lit up.


Just everywhere. This area of the city is so cute and colorful – packed with kawaii foods and shops. Check out the cotton candy at Totti Cotton Candy Factory and the animal shaped ice cream cones at Eiswalt Gelato.

Shibuya Crossing

The busiest intersection in the world! At every red light, masses of people pour from every direction. Watch the madness happen from above at a safe distance from the second floor window of the Starbucks on the corner.

Magnet at Shibuya 109

Go to the top floor/ rooftop for view of Shibuya Crossing. On that floor, there’s an angel wings wall and the cutest modern bathroom wall art I’ve seen.

There’s an amazing art space that we stumbled upon inside of the mall that’s hosted by the sweetest artist ever. He let us add paint to the walls and let us have a mini photo shoot inside. It’s like graffiti/ street art with bright neon colors.

23 thoughts on “Most Instagram Worthy Places in Tokyo

  1. Japan/a Tokyo is such an amazing looking place! I am honestly so jealous. It is my dream to go to Japan one day! All these pictures look beautiful and I love harajuku, but everywhere looks so interesting or cute and adorable :3


  2. Wow! This is really a lovely thing to do. Tokyo place is really a nice place that makes you amaze in every places, love all the photos. You did all a great pose. I love eating cotton candy, it something enjoyable and miss thing to do.


  3. That’s sounds great, good thing you enjoyed yourself in your there in Tokyo. I will definitely try Sensoji Temple if i got the chance.


  4. loving all your OOTD’s. Tokyo looks modern and still traditional, busy, and yet calm. I simply love the perfect balance it has in all aspects. This place makes up for a great place for photographers, no matter if we are talking about street photography or just strolling. every location seems instagrammable worthy!


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