ARTmazing Gallery: selfie museum in New Orleans

There’s a brand new selfie museum in town and it’s called Artmazing Gallery. This interactive experience is owned and created by mixed media artist Giselle Monteiro originally from Brazil.

The gallery is located in the French Quarter, and you’ve probably passed the location several times unknowingly. We got to get a sneak peek of the gallery before it’s tentative opening on October 1. I love the exhibits that are on display now, but Giselle says they’ll rotate out over time to make way for new ones. The location also has an event space and will be available to be rented out.

There are so many elements here so make sure to bring a camera and a friend to help get some good pictures. Check out some of the photos and exhibits:

This room reminds me of a 90s Diddy music video. Ha!
There’s lots of pink in this space!
The money room was easily my favorite.

These are just a few of the many exhibits on display. You’ll have to stop by to see the rest! Make sure to check out ARTmazing once it’s open, and tell them I sent ya! For now, you can follow them on Instagram.

Address: 309 Decatur St.

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